The ultimate idea at work here is that top-of-the-mind awareness with your target audience will lead to better bottom-line results for you. But there are lots of different tactical ways we help you achieve this: Media Planning - With a myriad of media options to choose from, which one or combination of ones will best help accomplish your goals? Based upon the most up-to-date research and data available, we develop innovative, comprehensive media plans designed specifically to achieve your objectives.  Marketing Strategy - How can you differentiate your company from your competitors? What will make customers choose you over them? A creative marketing strategy is a key element in successfully separating you from the competition.  Media Negotiating and Placement - Our creativity, our experience and background of strong negotiation skills allows us to squeeze maximum effectiveness out of every advertising dollar you spend.  Vendor Partnership Programs - We have many years of experience bringing together successful retailers and their key vendor partners. Working together to create a mutually-beneficial marketing partnership program, we create campaigns designed specifically to highlight key products and vendors, making your sales needle spike significantly during key events and promotions, resulting in a win-win for both you and your vendor partner.  Qualitative Research - The key to a successful ad campaign is combining an effective message with just the right medium. Before tackling any project, we conduct painstakingly-thorough research. Who is your target customer? What are their behaviors? What are their motivators? What makes them tick? And, more important, what will encourage them to buy?  Performance Measurement - What were the measurable goals for our media plan? We do thorough follow-up after each campaign to ensure that schedules for broadcast, print, and other media successfully delivered the audience that the media plan called for.Creative Development - Effective creative is an important element to any successful campaign; it will cut through the clutter and gain your target's attention. We develop strategic creative that both produces dramatic sales results for your company and helps build your brand.  When you want to get pinpoint-accurate tactics that hit the bull's eye every time, get precise.